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12 January 2018

Jenni Field is Chair of CIPR Inside and Director, Redefining Communications. Here she discusses why internal communications deserves a seat at the strategy table in all organisations.

At the end of 2016, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) launched some leading research into the vital role of internal communications in organisations. As the Chair of CIPR Inside – CIPR’s internal communications group – I was delighted to see an idea turned into a reality.

When it comes to demonstrating the value of successful internal communications, the research explored five key points:

  • Senior leaders identify a link between good internal communication and strong financial performance
  • CEOs acknowledge the difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of internal communication as a contributing factor of engagement and culture
  • Internal communicators have earned the trust of senior leaders to develop strategic messages
  • There is a need to clearly define internal communication and provide clarity on how it differs from employee engagement
  • Culture has a big impact on the work and function of internal communication and can dictate how its value is perceived.

This research helps us move the conversation forward. For the past 10 years I have attended several events where having a seat at the table was the main aim for the internal communicator, and I can’t keep having the same discussion.

Interviewing CEOs and combining this review with other research conducted by VMA Group means we can draw real conclusions about the conversations we should be having, the skills we should be developing and what adds value to the organisations we serve.

Demonstrating value will be different for every organisation because the very definition of value is different for everyone. You must align expectations upfront to ensure you’re able to demonstrate the value to your leadership team.

Find out how to ensure internal communications is a strategic part of your organisation’s business plan, by attending Jenni Field’s session at the Comms Event.

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