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Communications is more important than ever – for global politics and closer to home

25 January 2017

As world leaders debate how to handle fake news, we should examine how it’s possible to boost our own voice, especially now the housing narrative is shifting.

Fake news has become a big talking point. We now have more information at our fingertips than ever before, and so the struggle begins to verify it, to make sense of it, and to trust it.

For those of us in communications, verifying and contextualising news has always been a big part of our job. We highlight what’s most important and make it stand out. We are the messengers.

But as our newsfeeds grow, and our stories age in hours rather than days, we messengers have to step up to new challenges and adapt to get heard.  

And housing associations have a fantastic message to be heard: we are united by a single purpose – to ensure everyone in the country can live in a quality home that they can afford.

There isn’t anything fake about that.

I love working in the social housing sector because when we come together we really make an impact. Between us we have thousands of housing communications experts in every corner of England, who have worked with every type of person and property. That’s a loud voice.

Loud enough to be heard in the noisy world we now live in? Yes. I for one do not want my voice to be drowned out. Especially when we have such a good story to tell.

So let’s learn from each other, and come together to learn from others outside of our sector, so we can step up to the challenges that modern communications face.

Our annual Communications and Marketing Conference and Exhibition is the space for that, and I plan on spending 7 March talking to as many of my fellow messengers as possible, and taking inspiration from the great speakers in the programme such as Fair Trade and Crisis.

There will be debates, insight, workshops, and networking. The day is designed to boost your communications skills and strengthen the voice of this brilliant sector.

Because public perception towards social housing is shifting and people want to hear more on housing – so let’s fill our lungs and tune in to each other, because we can get those voices heard far and wide.

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